Samples of MacIntosh Study Materials, Exercises & Tests

The MacIntosh Method

Why is MacIntosh the Premier Real Estate School in the State of Colorado? First, check out our TESTIMONIALS PAGE: Our students get one-on-one attention when they need it. (Try getting that in a classroom full of a hundred other people.) Second, the MacIntosh Curriculum has been painstakingly developed and maintained to fulfill not only the R/E Commission's educational requirments for a Colorado real estate license (6 courses for 168 credit hours) but also prepare you to pass the license exam the first time.

We don't use generic books (or general tests) like every other school does - because those do NOT give you the focus and kinds of questions on the Colorado License Exam. Instead, over the last 50 years teaching Colorado students, we have developed our own specialized curriculum that you can study anywhere (online, on a Laptop or PC, or in our own text/workbooks). And our tests reproduce hundreds of questions from the actual license exam, and those are constantly updated and revised to always reflect exactly what the state is testing.

These studies contain Everything you will need to fulfill the educational requirements: You will not need to buy any other materials or tests. And if you enroll in the Deluxe or Premier Packages, you will receive all of our online Prep Exams - to further prepare you for the final state tests. This specialized curriculum - combined with our Prep Exams - gives MacIntosh students the Highest Pass-Rate of all Colorado real estate schools, all-time. (That doesn't just mean that their scores are higher - it means that more of our stuents passed the difficult license exam on the first try. More than every other school - even those outrageously-expensive schools!)

Want to see how the MacIntosh Method means success for our students? Click each of the images below to display a brief example of the sections in the study materials (whether you choose interactive or printed. The content is the same - you just have a choice of the method of delivery.) These samples represent the first page from each of sections in the first chapter ("Contracts") in the first course ("Uniform" Law and Practice).

The MacIntosh Study and Testing Process:

  • Chapter Text

  • Each course is divided up into Chapters that detail one of the fundamental topics that you will need to know and understand - to pass the final exam (= credit for that course) and to pass the state license exam. Naturally, the text of that topic comes first - in this example, it is the first page from Chapter 1 ("Contracts"), one of the most important aspects in any industry, especially real estate.

    Each chapter contains all the concepts the Real Estate Commission expects licensees to know, with important buzzwords highlighted in bold. Highlighted terms are those most likely to be tested on the license exam, and are defined in the chapter as well as the Real Estate Glossary included with every enrollment. You can highlight text and take notes right on the page, whether you enroll under the Basic Package with all study materials online and downloadable to your laptop or PC or you opt for the Premier package with all materials printed and bound

    Notice an orange and black "Q&A" symbol next to two of the paragraphs in this example of text. Clicking this icon will take you directly to "plain English" explanation of the topic in our online Q&A resource.
  • Chapter Short Answer Questions

  • Though the Real Estate Commission has a long list of concepts it wants you to master - not every topic is equally important to learn for the license exam. The short-answer question exercises following the text of every chapter focuses you in on the important concepts and helps translate them from "legalese" into plain English.

    You do NOT submit or email, or otherwise "turn in" any of these exercises to the School. They are meant as exercises to help you learn the important concepts to pass the final and license exams, whether you complete them on your computer or in the books. And to help you absorb the important concepts - we give you the answers at the end of each chapter. (See below.)
  • Chapter Quiz Questions

  • Each chapter has an extensive Quiz, which continues to focus on important topics from the text and gives you actual examples of the tricky license exam questions. When answering the questions on your computer, you will notice the round "radio" buttons to click, indicating your choice for the correct answer to each question. These clickable "buttons" are merely for your convenience, to track the answers: As with the short-answer questions, your answers are not to be submitted to the school.
  • Chapter Short-Answer & Quiz Answers

  • Not to worry that you are answering the Short-Answer and Quiz questions from the comfort of your own home, on your own pace: The answers are all right there at the end of each chapter! It's not "cheating" to look at, the answers if you're stuck: It all serves to reinforce the important concepts and prepare you for the questions that will appear on the license exam.

    Note again that some of the Quiz questions in this example have the orange and black "Q&A" symbol. Click this icon on any of the hundreds of examples next to Short-Answer, Quiz, and Final and Prep Exam Questions and it will take you directly to another "plain English" explanation of the topic in our online Q&A resource.
  • Final and Prep Exam Testing

  • If you have any questions after you look at the materials and try out the exercises - please email by clicking the email link on the Contact Us page or call 303-905-1842. We are happen to answer any of your questions.

How Students Get Credit for the Required Six Courses (168 Credit Hours).

At MacIntosh, we don't "time" our students or force them to sit online for 168 hours like other online schools. You get credit for the course by passing the final exam.

At the end of each of the required six courses is the final exam. Yes - you can look at the final exam before you "take" it: We want our students to treat the final exams as "open-book" and research the topics and questions. It is just another way to help memorize important details, understand difficult concepts and learn to carefully read the kinds of tricky questions that you will see on the state license exam.

When you have researched each final exam question and are satisfied you have the best answers (and have saved them online or the bubble sheets included with the printed materials), you will go online to the secure testing page on our website and "click" all your answers. After carefully reviewing your choices, click "Submit" at the end. You will get the results immediately, together with an analysis of the topic areas and number of questions missed in each category.

If you don't pass a final exam, you simply use that analysis to guide your studies in locating the questions to correct and may re-take the test at a later time with no penalty (unlike other schools that force you to pay for the course again if you fail a final exam.) When you pass, you will be given that same analysis, all the questions - with your choices and the correct answers indicated for every question. Since these final exam questions duplicate those on the license exam, you will want to refer to them later in preparation for that important test.