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MAC Students Study from Home AND Pass License Exam more than Every Other School

What’s the difference between passing and failing your Colorado real estate license exam the first time? It isn’t only knowing the basic information the Real Estate Commission requires for the education. You must also know and understand what is tested and how it is tested… and the only way to know these things is by practicing on many questions that are just like those on the license exam.

MacIntosh Real Estate School not only provides you with the required education in a straightforward format, but is designed specifically to teach you what you need to know to pass the license exam on the first attempt. We provide extensive text and thousands of test questions to prepare you for the license exam. That way, no tricky questions, vague or conflicting answers, or even the stress of the study and testing process will surprise you when you go to take the license exam.

Other Colorado schools simply bury you with a dry text called the “Real Estate Manual”, which is a random collection of laws and articles published by the Colorado Real Estate Commission, none of which was ever intended or designed to be used as educational text. More often than not, the information in the "Manual" is outdated before it is even published, as the Commission constantly revises the laws and contract forms contained therein. (This means that all other schools are actually teaching information that is outdated and therefore not what is currently tested on the license exam. The rest of the schools also heavily rely on generic real estate books that can be bought at any bookstore, but have nothing to do with the detailed Colorado information tested on Colorado's license exam.

Some of those schools are only in business to recruit one or two students for their own brokerage (leaving the rest out in the cold), so they focus only on things they want you to know after you get your license. Since their primary goal is not your success, these other schools do not teach you how to take - and pass - the licensing exam the first time.

Since over 90% of our students pass the state license exam the first time - better than every other school - then you save even more money, by not having to pay to take the license exam more than once. (Don't get caught attending another school that has half their students failing the license exam and paying to take it over and over!)

Best Passing Scores - $400 to $900 less than the other guys - a Local School that always has (and always will be) focused only on its Colorado students.

Why Even Consider Any Other School?

Don't just take our word for it: Read just some of the recent unsolicited testimonials we constantly receive.


You will quickly see that our students get one-on-one attention and our program thoroughly prepares them for the difficult license exam.


The Basic Requirements to Get Your Colorado Real Estate License.

To obtain your real estate license (called the Associate Broker's license) you will need to take and pass 168 hours (6 courses) of required education and also pass the difficult state licensing exam. The licensing program at MacIntosh Real Estate School can not only provide that 168 hours of education through correspondence study, but also prepares you to take and pass that state license exam the first time.

Once you have submitted your fingerprints for a background check (at the testing center), you submit both of those "passing" certifications with your application along with the signature of that Employing Broker who is going to hire you.

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The State License Exam.

What to Expect from the State License Exam

After completing your education (168 credit hours) with MacIntosh, you will be required by the Colorado Real Estate Commission to also pass a two-part State License Exam at one of their testing centers.

Schools do not administer the license exam: It is always given at a testing center by a company called PSI - appointed by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. Put another way, the tests you take with MacIntosh are your final exams to get credit for the required courses, and the test you take at the PSI Testing Center is a separate step and passing it is the final requirement before you may apply for your license.

When you go to the testing center, you will take your license exams on a simplified personal computer (PC) with a large monitor. As the exam is entirely multiple-choice, it is not necessary to have more than the basic skills of using a keyboard and mouse; the answers are chosen by "clicking" either "a", "b", "c", "d" with the mouse.

You will not need to bring a calculator for math problems, because the PSI Exam Center will provide one. There are no questions on either part of the real estate broker exam that require any more sophistication than that. Therefore, real estate broker candidates will not be allowed to bring and use a financial calculator, or one with printing or text/note saving capabilities.

The state license exam is comprised of two portions: the 80-question "Uniform" exam, and the 70-question Colorado-specific exam. The examinee is allotted a total of two hours to complete each part, for a total of 4 hours. The broker applicant must pass each portion of the exam, meaning that each examinee receive 75% on each test. If the examinee should pass only one of the exams, it will be necessary to make a new appointment to sit for the other exam again. Although the examinee will not need to take the other portion of the exam, (the one that was previously passed,) the examinee will still be required to pay another $80 testing fee.

The Uniform exam is first. You will be given two hours to complete this exam after you look at the first question on the monitor. If the examinee completes the Uniform exam before the allotted two hours has elapsed, they may go on to the second (Colorado) exam. However, the time remaining from the first exam will not be carried over to the second exam.

If the examinee has not completed the Uniform exam by the end of the first two hours, the PC will automatically go on to the Colorado portion, and the Uniform portion automatically will be scored. You will not be able to return to that exam again.

If you do not take the full two hours to complete each exam, you will be asked after the last question of each exam if you are sure that you do not want to return to the beginning (or elsewhere in that exam) to review your answers. If you answer that you are sure you are finished, the unit will "lock out" any further answers. It is strongly advised that after completing each exam, you return to the beginning and review each question and answer carefully. Frequently, questions are worded such that a careless first reading will mislead the examinee into believing the question means something that it doesn't. A careful review will ensure that confusingly worded questions are caught and answered properly. Additionally, the PC allows you to either "mark" or "skip" a question, and at almost any point in the exam, return to that question to review it.

The student is encouraged to visit PSI's website and walk through their online exam tutorial:

The most important item to remember is to read each question very carefully, as well as all of the four possible answers. Whereas the old adage that your first impression often is correct, you cannot be sure that you have chosen the correct answer if you have not thoroughly considered each of the possibilities.

All topics covered in the MacIntosh Real Estate School manuals are fair game for the exams. All quiz, final exam and "prep" test questions are designed to emulate the testing style - and in many cases are questions that have been reproduced from previous versions - of the actual state license exam.

On every examination, there are some new questions that are not scored. (Typically, five for each of the Uniform and Colorado exams.) These are pretest items. They are used only to evaluate how the questions perform and will neither add to nor detract from your score. However, you will not be told which questions "count" and which do not. Additionally, these questions will not count against your time limits.

You will receive your scores at the testing center immediately after you complete your examination and return to the reception area. You will receive a sheet verifying that you have passed, or if you have not received a passing score on both exams, the sheet will describe your strengths and weaknesses in the various topics. For those examinees who successfully pass both parts of the exam, the sheet will verify a passing score, (specific scores are not given on successfully passed tests,) and in the upper right-hand corner, will have the photograph that was taken at the time of registration prior to the exam.

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Making your Exam Appointment

You must make an appointment at least three business days before the examination date you desire. To make a reservation for your real estate examination, call PSI, at:


You may call the automated scheduling line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but if you wish to speak to a representative, you should call during business hours (Pacific time). As you follow the directions, you will be connected to the examination reservation operator. Be sure to have ready a piece of paper, a pencil and your social security number. You will be given a confirmation number. Write this number down and bring it with you to the exam center on the day of your test. Tests are typically administered six days per week, Monday through Saturday in Denver, except for nationally recognized holidays and holiday weekends. (Subject to change by PSI.)

You may also schedule an exam appointment by going to PSI's webpage

As of January 2020, these are the PSI testing centers. These locations are subject to change by PSI without notice to the School or Candidate. You are strongly advised that prior to attempting to test or have fingerprints administered, you consult the PSI Website to verify locations, and call to verify their hours of operation and availability for testing or fingerprinting.

12150 E. Briarwood Ave., Ste. #125
743 Horizon Court, #203
3000 S. College Ave., Suite 206
803 West 4th Street, #803S 799 East 3rd Street 5050 Edison Avenue, #121
4891 Independence St., Ste. 220

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PSI Examination Payment & Policy

* The license exam itself must be taken at a Colorado testing center. The first-time fee is $44.50. (Subsequent re-takes cost $42.50. All subject to change without notice.). Payment method: All real estate candidates must pay for their exam at the time of registration. NO MONEY/CHECKS WILL BE HANDLED AT THE TEST CENTER.

There will be four payment methods: 1.) By credit card at the time of registration. 2.) By debit card at the time of registration. 3.) By e-check at the time of registration. (This is the same as payment by personal check except instead of writing a piece of paper, the candidate will give the bank name, correct full name and address on the bank account, the entire series of numerals (including the check number) along the bottom of a check, and a confirming SSN or driver's license number to the customer service representative who will then take the money out of the checking account.) This option is subject to change by PSI; 4.) By cashiers check or money order.

If you are absent from your scheduled examination, you will be billed for two exams when you register again. If you plan on being absent from your scheduled testing date, you must cancel or reschedule at least two days in advance by 5:00 PM Pacific Time. At this point, you will be permitted to transfer 100% of the fees to a new date without penalty. If you call less than two business days prior to your test, you may reschedule with a penalty not to exceed the exam fee. If you call on the scheduled day of your examination or afterwards, your fees will not be transferred to another day.

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What to Bring to the Exam

Bring only 2 forms of ID, including at least one picture ID, (i.e., Driver's license or state-issued identification.)

This is not an open-book test. You may not bring notes, textbooks or practice exams.

Do not bring a calculator, pencils or papers. The exam is administered on a PC and you will be provided with a calculator. Pencils and scratch paper will be provided at the exam center. Examinees are discouraged from bringing backpacks, purses, etc. into he testing center. If any of these items are brought to the testing center, the examinee will be asked to leave them with the proctor at the front desk.

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License Exam Special Services

If you have a disabling condition, you may ask for special testing services. You must request a testing appointment at least two weeks prior to the date you wish to be tested. Written verification and the statement of assistance required must be received by PSI at least one week prior to the examination date. This verification must be from a professional qualified to diagnose and document the disability.

If you request reading assistance due to dyslexia or other learning disabilities, the condition must be diagnosed and document by a clinical psychologist or a school counselor. You may not bring anyone with you to assist you with the examination.

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Fingerprints and Background Check Required

As described in the Fingerprint/Background Check bulletin (link below), the applicant will be required to have fingerprints taken and submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. This may be done at any time prior to application, but the sooner the better, because the Real Estate Commission will not process the license application until receiving a background check from the CBI, and delays could be up to two months.

There are several methods described below for obtaining the fingerprints and transmitting them to the CBI - including:
1) By Appointment, Police or Sheriff's Departments will use the traditional ink-on-card method and you will mail this to CBI; or
2) By Appointment, electronically at a PSI testing center ($20 fingerprint fee + $39.50 background check fee)
Because of PSI schedule and location changes and fingerprint-quality and communication issues, we do not recommend having fingerprints taken at a PSI location.

Fingerprints & Background Check Bulletin

Please click this link to view the Official Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat Reader required for this pdf). It describes the procedure for obtaining and submitting fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation prior to submitting the license application. Every licensee candidate must follow this law, even those who have previously had fingerprints taken and a background check conducted. Failure to understand and follow these procedures will result in delays in having your license issued.

PSI testing/fingerprint centers listed in this bulletin are not accurate. Since fingerprint locations are subject to change by PSI without notice to the School or Candidate, you are strongly advised that prior to attempting to have fingerprints administered, you consult the PSI Website to verify locations, and call to verify their hours of operation and availability for fingerprinting.

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License Application Procedure

Following the successful passage of the exam, proof of this will be transmitted to the Real Estate Commission. The applicant will be given a license application. At some time prior to submitting the completed application to the Real Estate Commission, the applicant must also have their fingerprints taken and transmitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, together with the fee for background check. (See the Fingerprint/ Background Check bulletin, link immediately above, which describes this requirement and the appropriate procedures. The applicant will no longer be required to submit with the application a paper Certification from the school of completion of the educational requirements. The school will electronically transmit this data to the testing center, which will subsequently transmit it (together with certification that the applicant has passed the licensee exam) to the Real Estate Commission.

Therefore, the applicant must only submit the application to the Real Estate Commission, together with the employing broker's signature and the appropriate license application fees, to:

Department of Regulatory Agencies - Division of Real Estate
1900 Grant Street, Suite 600
Denver, Colorado 80203
(303) 894-2166

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Already Have or Had Another License?

I have a license from another state, or a previous Colorado license. What education and testing do I need?

If you have an active real estate license (broker, salesperson, agent, etc.) from another state and that license has been active for over two years, then you are not required to take and pass Colorado any classes. However, you are still required to pass the Colorado state license exam. So, while you aren't required to pass certain courses like everyone else, you will still need to study, learn, and memorize a large amount of difficult information for the extremely detailed and tricky Colorado license exam.

The MacIntosh Real Estate School program is specially designed to provide not only all the information tested by the license exam, but through practice of hundreds of exam questions (all of which are patterned after actual license exam questions) – you will be exposed to all the tricks and techniques of that difficult test. This is a methodology that we have perfected over 50 years of teaching CO Agents how to pass the exam, and far superior to any general online “crash course” from some out-of-state (and/or unaccredited) school. It is also what accounts for Mac’s consistently having the one of highest percentage of students passing the license exam the first time, of all Colorado real estate schools.

If your out-of-state license is expired, or you have held it for less than two years, you will have to take and pass certain courses and one or both parts of the state license exam. Please see Our Courses Page, which will detail the various course and testing configurations, what The Mac offers, and the cost for these programs.

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I am an attorney - What education do I need for my real estate license?

If you are an actively-licensed attorney, you will need the 12-hour Attorney course in Trust Accounts, Record Keeping and Closings. MacIntosh Real Estate School does offer this course.

But you are also required to pass both parts of the state license exam.

Unfortunately, this is not a general exam where your legal background alone will carry you through. You will also need the specific text and thousands of questions to prepare you for all the specific questions about Colorado's license law, Rules & Regulations of the Real Estate Commission, contract language from the many different Colorado real estate contract and forms.

Simply put: It won't be a slam dunk. You will need the Colorado Real Estate equivalent of the "Bar Refresher" - and MacIntosh Real Estate School is one of the only schools that can provide that to you. Please see Our Courses Page, which details the attorney course and testing configuration, the cost and link to enroll in this configuration.

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Other Questions

After I get my license, then what?

The Colorado Real Estate Commission and state law requires that every broker must be licensed as an Associate Broker for two years prior to being able to become an Independent or Employing Broker. This means that technically you must hang your "active" license under someone else's (an Employing Broker) for at least two years.

Their reasoning in this is pretty sound, even though it causes some hardship: they want to make sure you know the (very unique) Colorado practice, laws and forms before you can go off and make mistakes on your own. However, this does not mean that you must work 40 hrs a week, etc., it just means that your license must be "active" - hanging under an Employing Broker - as opposed to "inactive".)

So, once you pass the education and the state license exam, you must either apply for an active license, (hanging your license under that of another Broker's,) or if you haven't chosen a place to work, you may apply "inactive".

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Do you provide placement?

Yes, we provide assistance to our graduating student in finding the best brokerage to fit their career needs. The Mac has relationships with many brokerages across the state. Even in this difficult economy, there is a huge demand for enthusiastic and motivated agents, and companies are constantly asking us to provide them with names of potential recruits.

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Can I call the School with Questions?

If you have a question about course, license or exam requirements, or the enrollment process, please call 303-905-1842.

If you would like to email, you will get an answer to any of your enrollment questions immediately if you email the Director (by clicking the "CONTACT US" tab in the menu above, or the link at the bottom of this page.)

Once enrolled, you may have specific questions about the text materials or tests, and can't find the answer in our online Q&A or FAQ resources, then we can answer any questions about the materials or tests by email, the School Director personally responds to email questions every day of the week.

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Questions about the Enrollment and Payment Process, School Deadlines?

Click here for Frequently-Answered Questions about ENROLLMENT & PAYMENT

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Don't just take our word for it:
Read just some of the recent unsolicited testimonials we constantly receive.
You will quickly see that our students get one-on-one attention and our program thoroughly prepares them for the difficult license exam.