Frequently-Answered Questions about ENROLLING in the Mac

How Do I Enroll and Get Started on my Studies with the Mac?

To Enroll, you need to do only Two Things:
Once we receive BOTH - we will email your Login Infomration and you may start immediately!

Enrollment Agreement


Very simply: The Real Estate Commission and the Agency governing all Colorado Occupational Schools requires schools to have your SSN, before you can enroll in any educational program:

The following notice was served on all Colorado Private Occupational Schools on March 10, 2009, in regards to students enrolling for the education required for this professional license. The pertinent part reads: “Section 24-34-107(1) of the Colorado Revised Statutes… requires that every applicant for a license/registration issued pursuant to the authority set forth in title 12, C.R.S., by the Department of Regulatory Agencies… [The school] shall require the applicant’s social security number if that individual is physically present in the United States…” (Emphasis added by the Notice, not by this School.)

All information on your Enrollment Contract and Payment are processed through Secure Server Protocol. This ensures that your sensitive data can never be accessed by any outside sources. MacIntosh R/E School never sees your credit card or bank information, and your SSN will be held in the strictest confidence and never provided outside sources. Only the Director of the School ever sees this, and it is never released to or accessible by anyone else.


The Enrollment Form is a legally binding Contract, binding on the person whose name is given. This means that once the Acknowledgment Button ("I have read and agree...") is checked and payment is made, both the student and School agree to the terms of the enrollment detailed in the Enrollment Agreement/Contract.

The Student is advised to print the Enrollment Agreement and Catalog for your records. (A printed version - without the Student's information - will be included in the Instructions booklet included in your materials package.)


Give us the email address use usually use! Please do not provide us with a fake or some obscure email address you never check.

In fact, you should be giving the email that you use the most, since we will be immediately sending you confirmation of receipt of the enrollment agreement and PayPal payment, and a Delivery Confirmation number when the package is sent. In addition, we email your completion Certifications to this email address when you finish the program.

We guarantee that we will never give your email address to anyone else and will never send unsolicited messages ("spam").



When you have completed the Enrollment Form (including SSN), clicked the acknowledgment that you have read and underestand the Enrollment Terms/Caltalog and are Lawfully Present in the U.S., you should click the "Proceed to Payment" Button. To pay by Credit Card, simply follow the directions. You may pay using either credit or debit cards. (It also works for sending money from your checking account - but it is quicker to actually mail a check.)

Clicking the Credit Card icon on the page following submission of the Enrollment Agreement will take you to the secure PayPal website to send the money. You will be asked to provide information about your credit card and mailing address through their Fully Secure processor. If all steps were properly completed, you will receive a confirmation by email from PayPal immediately.

If you don't feel comfortable paying online or going through PayPal, and just want to pay with your Credit Card - No Problem! The Director, Bruce MacIntosh, will take care of you personally:

Phone: 303-905-1842

TO PAY BY CHECK, Cashiers Check, Money Order

In the "Comments or Questions" line of the Enrollment Form, please type, "I will be mailing a check."

Then, after completing the Enrollment Form and clicking the "Proceed to Payment" Button, simply close that window.

Then mail your check in the proper amount to:

MacIntosh Real Estate School
1800 Fenton St. #5 Pl.
Denver, CO 80214


1. "PayPal says I am opening an account. I don't want to open some account with PayPal."

You do not need to open an account. We encourage you to pay by Card. Simply click the link on the bottom right side:

Don't have a PayPal account?
Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest.

2. If it indicates that you will not be able to send the money, or that "this amount exceeds your limit", or it wants you to ADD A CHECKING ACCOUNT... This is NOT a problem with PAYPAL. This is most likely because your Credit Card has a LIMIT on ONLINE SPENDING to protect you from credit card or identity theft! PLEASE follow these steps

Start by calling PayPal directly at 1-888-221-1161. When the recorded messages asks you to make a choice of what department you want, say "Agent! Agent! Agent!" This should bypass further choices and take you directly to a Customer Service Rep. Describe to the Rep what messages you got when trying to send money.

Call your Credit Card Company - they may be able to lift the restrictions on Online spending, or at least raise your limits.

American Express Corporate cards have strict restrictions against online purchases. You may need to use a different card.

3. If you prefer not to pay online, please
Contact the Director
Phone 303-905-1842
any business day between 9am and 5pm

We like to speak with our students, and
We will gladly process the tuition payment over the phone.

Deadlines and Mailing Address


When you enroll under the Premier Package, we will send our specialized set of text/workbooks by U.S. Mail. The package will be mailed within two business days to the exact address on your enrollment agreement. (If different, it will NOT be sent to your credit card billing address - no matter what the payment confirmation says!)

Since we send by U.S. Mail, if you live in a town where the U.S. Postal Service will not deliver to a physical address (examples: Breckenridge, Frisco, etc.) then you must provide us with your P.O. Box.

Depending on your location, you will receive the package within one to three "mail" days.

We will email you with confirmation that the enrollment and payment has been received, and a Delivery Confirmation number so you may track the package.


Eight (8) Months.

Not 10 weeks and Not One Year. The 10-week figure - in the Enrollment Agreement - is the refund policy (and the time-limit is set by the Division of Private Occupational Schools) which is based on the time elapsed since the enrollment becomes effective. The

Your real Time Limit is 8 months, as detailed in our Catalog. We hope that you will strive to complete the program before the 8-month deadline, because if you take longer than that, it is difficult - if not impossible - to remember what you need to pass the state license exam.

An Extension may be given. The request must be in writing by emailing the Director, and must be received prior to the expiration of your enrollment.